Walk It Back

A stereo faux delay voiced like the octave up setting on the Chase Bliss Thermae. It’s two loopers alternating between a record and playback state at 2x time, each run through a low pass filter, diffuser, reverb and a stereo mixer.

Left foot switch is a faux tap tempo that controls the rate of the LFO that dictates how frequently the two loopers alternate (thus controlling how quickly they playback).

4 comments on “Walk It Back
  • theorist on said:


  • six_wax on said:

    Demo sounds amazing!

    Can you describe the function of the stompswitches and the buttons, please?

    In the video, it appears you’re pressing buttons over the playback of the orginal performance.

    …not clear how to operate this.

  • Waveshapes on said:

    This was the first patch i put on my ZOIA when i got it. Wow, it’s amazing man, it’s a keeper! :)

  • Mgrossm on said:

    Can someone explain how to operate this pstch?

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