Tape Loops

4 track tape loop emulation.

IMPORTANT: Please use a MIDI controller to make the most of this patch.


1- Go to MIDI page and map each of the MIDI CC ins to the desired MIDI controller. (If you connect an M-Audio Axiom49 you can probably skip this step).

2- Record random loops (Loopers aren’t timed as I want them to be somehow generative).

3- Play with your MIDI controller and have fun.


– Faders 1 to 4: Each looper’s volume
– Fader 5: Subtle distortion
– Fader 6: Subtle low pass filter
– Fader 7: Tape start/stop effect
– Fader 8: Reverb mix
– Fader 9: Pitch/speed control
– Zoia’s left stompswitch: reverse/forward


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  • Category: Composition Effect Sampler Sound Utility
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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