Supernova Sunset

In short, it’s a “When the Sun Explodes” rip off.

The control layout is basically the same as the Beautiful Noise pedal. Just think of every new value as the knob they would be on the OG pedal and every pushbutton as a toggle switch.

Starting at the top left, you have the expression controlling the gain after the reverb. Next is the clipping option between a germanium and a pushed overdrive. Lastly is the option to have wet only.

Next row starts with the master volume, then reverb mix, mids control and decay.

Third row starts with the gain control for the overdrive, then feedback, which is really the reverb resonance. Then there is a pushbutton to activate the lfo which modulates the gain of the reverb creating a square wave tremolo. Next to the pushbutton is the rate of the trem.

Left footswitch is the boost adding more gain after the reverb. Middle footswitch is a momentary max decay switch. Lastly, the right footswitch is the bypass.

Really happy with how this turned out. It really makes me want to eventually add the real deal to my board one day. But for now, this definitely scratches my dirty verb itch.

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4 comments on “Supernova Sunset
  • UncleGroOVe on said:

    Sounds amazing, man!
    And definitely appreciate how you programmed the buttons on page 1 to emulate the pedal’s own layout.
    I think that going ahead this trend is going to be more obvious (for guitarists? or for everyone?) – like page 1 being more of the “real” GUI whilst the behind-the-scenes that does not need to be twiddled that much will reside on the other pages…

  • jobythedog on said:

    Thanks, I appreciate it! It’s definitely the best way I’ve found to keep a patch tidy

  • Jcautobot on said:

    Really really outstanding. New to zoia and this is the first user patch that knocked me down. Love the layout – can actually use real pedal vids to learn how to use. Bravo.

  • jobythedog on said:

    That means a lot to me! This patch is still a personal fav!

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