Strymon DECO Doppleganger – Under Construction

Here are three H90 insert mode programs that attempt to mimic various Strymon DECO settings. Please feel free to comment good/bad and I’ll update the list as best I can when I can.

I’ve tried this before without owning a DECO (by listening to YT videos). It wasn’t pretty. This time, however, I bought a DECO V2 so I have a direct reference to work from.

I’m using a UAFX Dream as a stereo insert amp sim between algo slots A and B. Any other amp sim or real amp will prolly sound pretty different.

These programs are all in the doubling, short slap, slap, and short delay time range. That’s where I like the DECO the most. I prefer it clean but I’m surprised that Weedwacker gets pretty close to the DECO drive side. I’ll prolly try to expand this down into the chorus and flange range later.

Program 1 mimics settings in SUM MODE.
Program 2 mimics settings in BOUNCE MODE.
Program 3 mimics settings in BOUNCE MODE.
P Hotknob is a drive control.
B Hotknob is a mix control.

The DECO’s INVERT MODE is cool, but I doubt I can get that from the H90.

Does anyone out there have an H90, a DECO, and some time to comment? Regardless, all thoughts appreciated.

5 comments on “Strymon DECO Doppleganger – Under Construction
  • brent_baccetti on said:

    I’m getting no sound with these preset in my H90. I’ve tried adjusting the output volume, no effect. I adjusted the gate both directions on the weedwacker, still nothing. I tried bypassing each individually and just messing around with a few other settings.

    I’m going into a Dr. Z amp and a morgan amp in stereo. Not sure if that’s helpful at all. Probably not.

  • spd on said:

    I have a DECO and would love to try this one out. I am having the same issue as @brent_baccetti — no sound, also running stereo.

  • spd on said:

    Figured it out – need to turn off the insert functions on the routing page. I ended up replacing the tape delay with filter pong to get my favorite double track sounds. Thank you for sharing this!

  • apalazzolo on said:

    Hey Brent, Did you work that out? spd is correct. The stereo insert is turned on for an amp sim. If you’re not using an insert, you have to bypass the insert function or you will not hear anything. Good luck!

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