Stompin’ ZOIA plus Midi

This is my attempt at making a Kick drum in ZOIA plus the midi utility of the ‘Stompin’ Midi’ patch that I also uploaded, so you can layer up another sample / sound to be triggered as well as the ‘Kick’ sound coming from ZOIA herself.

Same as the ‘Stompin’ Midi’ patch, audio in (right channel only) from a stomp box or piezo transducer (or any other signal which you may use to create a percussive noise) and sends signal through the following modules: envelope follower to Trigger module and keyboard module – Trigger cv out to midi note out module gate in – Keyboard module note out to midi note out note in, keyboard trigger out to midi note out gate in.

Plus to make the kick drum inside ZOIA I have set up two oscillators, one running through an sv filter (you can experiment with this to create different filter pitches and filter Q which can create booming long kicks with a higher Q) The second Oscillator runs through a tone control where I have tried to give it a more ‘clicky’ attack (not 100% happy with this) and through a reverb lite module.

Bothe oscillators go through a ring mod and compressor.

*Midi is sent out on channel 3*

Keyboard module is at C1 but you can tune / change this to suit.

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