Show a little tenderness

This is another patch that was heavily inspired by Squinky labs SAWS module. Its a little on the slow side but nonetheless you should get a kick out of it.

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5 comments on “Show a little tenderness
  • Musik Production Euregio DG on said:

    Hey, thats “Kuschelrock XXL”! I have put some extra effects there. If You want I send You the patch.

  • blackearth on said:

    Thanks. My system is not that powerful. I was barely able to screen capture this patch until I had to go with less CPU intensive modules. Can you send a YouTube link of the changes? That would be cool breeze.

  • Musik Production Euregio DG on said:

    I can send You the patch and the Loop to Your Email. For Youtube I have no experience how to capture a Video without NVIDIA-Shadowplay.

    Needs 36 % of CPU-Load for AMD 2600 without overclocking.

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