a re-write of the emulation of the make noise euro rack module with compander, filter and reverb as well as a bitflip distortion that flips indexed bits for a unique “krunch”
There are 4 slices at any given time that can be sped up and manually controlled and approaches the aesthetic of the morphagene a little more closely

60 [first playing key] stops sequence so manual slices can be played

Based on the DSP theories of Katja Vetter.

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12 comments on “ShmorphaGene
  1. Tristan Heau on said:

    great patch ! Plugged a Bastl microgranny. Very interesting result.
    So, first key start the seq and all other keys don’t do nothing ?
    playing manually a sample is done with the knob selecting the sample from 0 to 6, right ?

  2. shreeswifty on said:

    The other keys [ideally will be for the event generation from the previous patch.
    I am running Jan Jelinek’s Jazz-loops record and it’s making me happy.

    You choose a preset and set your reverb how you like and the real fun is adjusting the Play1-4 speeds.
    If you stop the sequencer [60] the Manual parameter fires them off. [sounds really nice if you bring BPM down to like 10 and crank up Verb.]

    I like the bitflip distortion but i think it may be out of place so i am considering a delay instead. Thoughts??

  3. Tristan Heau on said:

    I love Jan Jelinek !
    Yeah, distortion is OK. Maybe a simple filter cutoff. Or an activator that would enable a 4/4 bass drum synced to the tempo.
    What I noticed os that whn I change pages, I loose the tempo, or I get different reverb settings…

  4. Tristan Heau on said:

    2:manual slice:0 to 7 –> I don’t get how ot works

  5. shreeswifty on said:

    yeah i am working on that right now, it’s incredibly irritating. I thought it was override/change but it’s apparently on the list for some OS update.
    i think i may have to employ a snapshot feature so that it snapshots the values when the values cease.

    for the Manual, when you pause the sequencer Moving the manual(s) will create somewhat different sound configurations, they are subtle but you can move the know from number to number and the sound will eventually fade think of it as a one-shot [kinda]

    i think it’s better than the previous version which was a little messy and starting to make me cranky :-)

    i hope this helps,

  6. Jezne Durutti on said:

    I’m not getting how your patch works at all. from load up what steps should I follow to see what does what? I loved the Lionel Richie destruction and I want that effect in my arsenal!

  7. Tristan Heau on said:

    Jezne, you need to input mono or stereo sound in the Organelle. Then you press the first wooden key (the do) and it fires a sequencer that chops loops of you input signal. Aux button travels thru pages with different parameters (loop speed/pitch, very nice reverb etc…)

  8. shreeswifty on said:

    jezne, the Lionel Ritchie stuff which is pretty amazing was done with the shmorphagene 0.3 ALPHA, i re-wrote it. You can use that one but it’s much more complex and you have to set the parameters before you start sampling. if you read that thread you will get some insight.
    Now watch everyone will like the one that’s super difficult to operate properly :-)
    Also i think the Big Sky really works well with that patch [i have one too [Strymon AMAZING reverb]

  9. Bort Bort on said:

    SO – this is amazing, let’s get that said. Incredible rhythmic and choppy surprising results can be had with this. Seems actually quite different to the original morphagene patch but i love it!
    I have some questions – or rather just want to double check some things:
    – The patch has 4 very short (about 1 second?) recording slots right?
    – Recording on each of these slots is taken one by one in sequence 1 – 4 whenever you input a sound over a certain volume threshold right?
    – The presets are related to play speeds/slice rate and are pre-loaded instead of saveable right? (not a problem as the presets are really cool).

    Also – i agree a resonant filter cutoff would be ace and better than distortion – though it’s a cool distortion.

    How you turned this around so quickly after the first morphagene patch i don’t know – but well done. Will be using this a lot :)

  10. Tristan Heau on said:

    Here is ow it sounds with my trusty classic guitar.
    shreeswifty, I really love this patch. It’s a dream for guitar players. If you could add a delay instead of the distortion, that would be awesome.

  11. lindreda on said:

    Thank you for this patch, I love it! I read earlier up on the thread that you are wrangling out some issues with the settings changing once you get to the preset page. I want to use it live for performance and I think fixing that stability would make it pretty easy to use. Also I for one love the distortion, I’ve been feeding it into my modular and can add filters and delays as I please. I just want to echo the questions Bort Bort had about slice lengths and about what the presets are.

  12. Timoppi on said:

    I’m absolutely loving the patch! Playing my Suzuki Q-Chord through Organelle has never sounded so amazing! One question though: Is it possible to tweak the patches tempo knob to use int’s instead of floats? So it would be easier to dial in exact tempos to record? Cheers!

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