Season’s Greeting — a pixelated holiday card

This is some pixel art I did as a type of “Christmas card” that I sent to the team at Empress. I wanted to share it with you ZOIANs as well:

If you’re celebrating a holiday, or the winter solstice, or the summer solstice, or Festivus, or a random day in December, I wish you a safe and happy holiday/solstice/Festivus/random day! Thank you to all of the wonderful contributors to the ZOIA community, and I look forward to what lies ahead in 2020, when we finally crack the neural network and ZOIA begins calling itself Skynet and we marvel as the blinking lights on its grid begin to assimilate all of the computer networks in the world and determine the fate of humanity! Or just more patches, conversation, good will, and good sounds!

(Works best with firmware 1.09. In fact, I don’t know if it works at all with firmwares below this because of its use of UI buttons.)

The signal path is there is no signal path. Load it up, watch it do its thing, feel cheerful (or whatever you want to feel, but hopefully cheerful).

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  • Revision: 1.0
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