Zaps Percussion Module


Zaps is an eurorack percussion-line-synth voice designed for creating organic percussive sequences that can mutate over time.

It uses a combination of different techniques like controlled randomness, morphing, and storing (or locking) synth-voice parameters in externally sequencable CV-controlled slots.

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15 comments on “Zaps Percussion Module
  • j3o3n3 on said:

    Zaps on Patchstorage! Nice !!!

  • meegl on said:

    Nice one!

  • wont on said:

    Yes please. Had been hoping Zaps patch sharing could/would become a thing.

  • danbo on said:

    Yes please. Great idea and will be super useful!

  • wintermodular on said:

    hoping to upload some stuff soon !

  • ekkomouse on said:

    Please add Zaps for us

  • synthdad on said:

    Great idea – let’s add this category so we can share drum patches!

  • domtak on said:

    Yes please! This will be great!!

  • gollygumdrops on said:

    This would be great! Please add Zaps!

  • venain on said:

    Yes!!! Love the Zaps!!

  • plankton on said:

    Yeah, great!!

  • binnie on said:

    Thank You :-)

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