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Loopy Pro a friendly loopstation and DAW for iOS and macOS, with an infinitely customizable workspace. The ultimate in creative freedom. Loopy Pro is a highly configurable looper and clip-launcher, with unlimited tracks, sophisticated and flexible grouping/sectioning and automation. If you can dream it, you can do it.

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22 comments on “Loopy Pro
  • mcd on said:

    Loopy Pro has a large community of creative config makers that should share their efforts here!

  • luxthor on said:

    Sharing those custom clip-launchers would be fantastic.

  • aufde on said:

    This would be great!

  • royor on said:


  • rs2000 on said:

    Much more than a looper.
    Its control surface builder abilities alone would warrant sharing patches here.

  • senhorlampada on said:

    This would be a great addition to the platform. All users can benefit, be it software, hardware or hybrid focused workflows

  • poppadocrock on said:

    Let it happen, let it happen. – Tame impala

  • gusgranite on said:

    From the past to the future.

    Loopy Pro is our sensor.

  • branis on said:

    Yes please

  • chrisx on said:


  • krupa on said:

    Definitely needs a space, it would really help people get into it…

  • nick_young on said:

    This would be a good app to add

  • ronth on said:


  • michael_r_grant on said:

    Yep, Loopy Pro would be great on PatchStorage!

  • drewinnit on said:

    +1 yes please!

  • grokker on said:


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