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Bitwig Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Apart from traditional DAW work, Bitwig Studio offers a patchable Grid for creating new instruments and effects for audio and MIDI.

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  • enigmacurry on said:

    I don’t see too many traditional DAWs here on patchstorage, and I think that may be because traditionally DAWs are not based on modular/patchable workflows. Bitwig Studio offers a very modular approach. There is the Note/FX/Poly Grid which lets you construct new synthesizers from first principles using oscialators, filters, envelopes etc, just like a modular synth.

    Here are some examples of some great self-generating patches built entirely in the bitwig grid:

    There have been some competitions where contributors create limited self-generating Grid designs inside of a 10×10 grid and shared as a single .bwclip file:

    I have created some of my own patches using Bitwig Stuidio and Cardinal VST. Even though there is a Cardinal specific group already here on patchstorage, extending these patches inside Bitwig Studio lets me create hardware controls with BW Studio’s greater control surface support (eg Ableton Push 2).

  • polarity on said:

    i mean, yes

  • blakej on said:

    Would love to be able to share my bitwig grid patches I’ve created over the years.

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