Aum-Audio mixer


The flexible audio mixer, plugin host, recorder, and connection hub. Multi-channel interface support, busses, fx sends, built-in EQs, and much more.

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5 comments on “Aum-Audio mixer
  • PoppaDocRock on said:

    Definitely would love to see this up on the site, along with even more iOS apps.

  • McD on said:

    Please create a project for AUM Users… we need to share our configurations and grow the community.

  • Applejax on said:

    Dooooooo it already for the good of humanity

  • Jay Zen on said:

    Nothing happened? Show some love to all the iOS apps being listed, have many votes, but nothing happens???

  • poppadocrock on said:

    AUM AUM AUM AUM. Come on PS hook it up, approve this one.

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