Capture is an Organelle mod to record/resample audio from almost any patch*
by pressing AUX while holding the Selection Encoder Button :
once to start recording (a little “+” appears in the bottom right corner),
once again to stop,
it records 24bit 44.1khz stereo .wav files into /sdcard/media/captures
as long as there is space into the SD card,
it also replaces the compressor/limiter by an improved one
that adds VU-meters and monitoring of the compression amount over HDMI,
the line input can be recorded with the “Capture” patch
and the 24 last recordings can be played and monitored with the “Captures” patch.

NOTE that it can change the behavior of the Selection Encoder Button :
you may now have to hold it pressed for 1sec to get back to the selection menu,
BUT only in patches with only one page (if you installed Capture in it).

please place the installer into the sdcard/Patches folder then run it from the Organelle

(there is also an ORAC version available at )


Capture mod controls (within other patches) :
– press aux while holding the selection encoder button to start/stop recording

“Captures” (patch) controls :
– press the notes to play the 24 last recordings
– press aux to stop
– knob1 controls a high-pass filter (from 0 to 2000 hz)
– knob2 controls a low-pass filter (from 30 to 22050 hz)
– knob3 controls the oscilloscope zoom
– knob4 controls the oscilloscope refresh rate (from 2 to 25 fps)

“Capture” (patch) controls :
– knob1 controls the input volume
– knob2 controls the gain/compression amount
– knob3 toggles 16/24bit recording modes
– knob4 toggles “auto-play next” mode that automatically plays the next captures
– press aux to start/stop recording
– press the notes to play/stop the 24 last recordings

– major sound improvement (probably the last one) : the sound is now maximized.

* not compatible with patches that already includes a mother.pd file (or not without editing in PD…) but it is compatible with every patch from C&G and more.

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  • Revision: 1.4
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4 comments on “Capture
  • fwwwn on said:

    Hey, your .zip archive should include the files inside a directory, otherwise it extracts everything into the base directory where the .zip was copied to. Even better, it should be a .zop file, which can be created using the script in the scripts directory. Let me know if you need help with this!

  • electrafa on said:

    Hi, thanks for your comment, i fixed the zip/folder issue, i have to learn how to make .zop files… ✌︎

  • fwwwn on said:

    The updated .zip works, thanks! However, minor nitpick, it now includes another copy of the .zip within patch files.

  • electrafa on said:

    Thanks for the feedback! I updated to 1.2 with minor changes but it’s still a work in progress, sorry for the mistakes. ✌︎

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