I wanted to make a drum machine that i could generate Raime/garage/jungle kinds of beats.

This one is controllable by Midi
Key 83, 82 81 change kits

Key 60-65 change drum patterns
66-74 mutes channels

This one took some thinkings

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  • Category: Sound Synthesizer
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: GPL
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  • Modified: 5 years ago
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9 comments on “RAIME
  • jooga1972 on said:

    Swifty, you are now awarded the title of ‘The Most Prolific Coder’. I mean 6 six new patches over this past weekend (with your bootleg patch ‘Yally’ posted at the c&g forum included) are kinda insane. In a good way of course. And how superb they are!
    Btw, ‘Quarter turns over a living line’ is one of my all time fav albums. :)

  • Matteo Bianchini on said:

    Patrick, I start to hate the fact the you’re faster in coding than me in playing your patches :-)
    Huge job, thank you SO much!

  • jooga1972 on said:

    “Patrick, I start to hate the fact the you’re faster in coding than me in playing your patches :-)”

    Well, that’s a fact and I was gonna say that, as a player, it’s kinda impossible to keep up with this pace. :) And yes, thanks again Patrick and keep them experimental-crazy good-twisted-younameit patches coming!

  • shreeswifty on said:

    Well everyone knows or hopefully knows I just converted that code by Eric Lyon & Christopher penrose, then I got inspired by Raime. The funny thing was that Raime we liver DJing on Rinse-Fm as I was finishing this patch. I thought that was a nice omen. I am so glad people are digging these I hope someone who has used midi a lot on Organelle can look over it and find my issue with including Midi/metronome

  • jooga1972 on said:

    Last night I tested this patch with the OP-1 connected to the Organelle and noticed that eventhough the bpm values shown in Raime’s menu correspond to what the OP-1 is sending, the actual bpm the patch was was playing at was what I dialed in. Tweaking the bpm value during the sequenced play did actually work, the beats got faster or slower as I pleased, but the shown value was unchanged (that was kinda fixed to the OP-1’s tempo, at least visually). On the other hand, it sounded like OP-1’s sequencer was sending notes and/or other MIDI info (pitch, transpose maybe…never got to figure this out…) to Raime which was rolling out some of the weirdest beats I’ve ever came upon. So this is a highly experimental patch and I like it a lot as it is. I’m just wondering if there’s anything that can be done about the bpm sync, then again I guess this is exactly the issue that you were referring to in the previous post. All in all, amazing patch!

  • guacamoleisred on said:

    Thanks for all the patches man! Keep doing what you are doing, literally made an account to say this LOL.

  • Tristan Heau on said:

    Thanks so much for this excellent patch. Jooga, can you tell me how you sync OP1 and organelle ? Do you connect them together or do you use a USB hub or both thru the computer ? I imagine it is not as simple as plugging a single usb cable between them…

  • jooga1972 on said:

    Hey Tristan, the Organelle and OP-1 , in my case, are connected directly with the USB cable that came with the latter. MIDI channel on the Organelle set to 1, like this it receives clock from the OP-1 and works with most MIDI-enabled Organelle patches. Raime is not one of them, as it turned out. Like I posted earlier, the tempo sent by the OP-1 is visible on Raime’s menu and the value changes as you change the bpm on the OP, but it’s knob 1 that you can change the tempo of the Raime patterns with. But I don’t mind this at all, love the patch as it is + there’s some magic in trying to beat-match the two instruments every now and then. :) But there’s, just to name one of @shreeswifty’s many amazing patches, Bashfest, which is has MIDI-sync and you can even make clones of it with our own samples.

  • Tristan Heau on said:

    jooga, many thanks for your time and precise answer ! Pretty straight forward in fact ! Can’t wait to be back @ home to try out !

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