ZOIA Firmware Update

Am I missing something? My ZOIA is still running 1.04 because 1.05 had a weird bug in the clock divider. Now people are talking about 1.08 with amazing features like page copy in between patches (which I have dreamed of since I got my hands on the ZOIA)…
…but the latest version I can find on the support page is 1.06 and the text log hasn’t been updated since 1.05 in July. Any ideas?

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2 comments on “ZOIA Firmware Update
  • Christopher H. M. Jacques on said:

    It has been published on Reddit, the FB group, and the Elektronauts ZOIA page. If no egregious bugs are found, Steve says it will be on the Empress website at the beginning of the week.

  • Phil-Z on said:

    Brilliant – thanks a lot!

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