trouble downloading mirack patches on ipad

when I select “download” for a miRack patch Audioshare automatically opens on m,y ipad and asks if I want to unzip the patch file. After pressing “yes” it shows up in a Mac os folder . I then select it and try to open in the miRack app. Sometimes it works , but often it doesn’t. I get an error message “failed to load patch” Am I missing something or doing the process wrong? Is there another/better way to import these online user patches? Thanks, Len

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3 comments on “trouble downloading mirack patches on ipad
  • sowari on said:

    You do need to use Audioshare to unzip. I then use Files to move the .mrk files – which looks like a folder – to someware else on my iPad. That can be the miRack folder or I sometimes use my FilesApp folder.

    VERY IMPORTANT make sure you have updated miRack to the latest version! Check the entry on the App Store to see if you have the latest update :)

  • Flowtilla on said:


  • SynthBytes on said:

    i had real issues uploading on ipad. another user here Rolikat put me onto this method. i accessed my mirack files saved on my ipad on icloud with my macbook. then uploaded them from the macbook to patchstorage. didn’t have to zip them or anything they just worked.
    could try that method too. :)

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