TheTechnoBears Pure data Mutable Instruments wrappers clouds for the organelle modified for the Nebulae V2

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  • Revision: 0.1
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  • Modified: 3 months ago
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2 comments on “QuClouds
  • Dany06hd on said:

    Hi Marvin,
    I’m very interested, but I’m a newbie. Could you tell me how to change my nebulae in clouds with your patch please ? By the way are you happy with it ? Is it the same as clouds or there are some differences ?
    Thanks, Daniel

  • Marvin H on said:

    Hey Daniel,

    It’s not the same as have the actual clouds interface you don’t really no which mode your in but it’s fun to just mess around with it in your set.
    If your on Windows your going to want to install putty connect an Ethernet cable to the nebulae and install the binary clds~ External in the proper Linux directory I pointed out in the read me if you are getting permission errors look up some Linux commands in order to circumvent those and you should be good to go. Remember to load the 2nd instrument first then load your pure data patches

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