Proton P-Locking Sequencer

Proton is a pattern-based polyphonic MIDI sequencer.


Each pattern can hold up to 64 steps with step speeds ranging from 1/32 note to 2 bars.

Every step can hold up to 4 MIDI notes and up to 8 CC values. Instead of programming the steps within Proton’s UI, you just send it MIDI events. Steps can be cleared, copied, and pasted from the Step Edit menu. Enter the Step Edit menu by holding down a step, and then press SHIFT. From the Step Edit menu you can also set which step is the last step of the pattern.

Patterns are broken up into 4 pages. The sequencer only displays 1 page at a time. Pages can be cleared, copied and pasted from the Page Menu. The Page menu is also used to navigate the sequencer from page to page. The Page Menu is displayed when the user holds down SHIFT from the Sequencer.

There are 8 patterns available in Proton. Clear, copy, paste, and change patterns from the Pattern Menu. Enter the Pattern Menu from the Page Menu.


There are 4 different screens in Proton.

The first is the Sequencer view. This shows 1 page of steps at a time, and is used to select steps for step recording, record MIDI events for live recording, and select steps for step editing.

To access the Page Menu, hold SHIFT from the Sequencer view.

From the Page menu, press “Pattern Setup” to enter the Pattern Menu. From the Pattern Menu you can set the length, clock divisor of the current pattern. You can also copy, paste, and switch patterns. This is also where you switch between live record and step record modes.

In Step Record mode, select a step by tapping it, then send the Mozaic instance a MIDI note and some MIDI CC values.

In Live Record mode, just hit play on your host and send some MIDI events. Proton will loop up to 64 steps of MIDI notes and CCs.

Each step can be set to ratchet from 1 to 8 times and have adjustable length and velocity.

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