Plastic Dreams

Yet another “single VCO generative patch”.
I’m still wondering how much a single VCO can offer.

Dreaming of artificial Lovers. We look for Perfection, to compensate our Imperfection.

As usual, overlaying some time-delayed instances adds some taste – try to match (or cleverly mismatch) the rhythms.

73025 PM
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2 comments on “Plastic Dreams
  • SkwareUawe on said:

    Hello Klausssualk! I have a question here… ;-)
    How do would you consider a patch like the one I have uploaded? It’s your patch slightly modified by me: still one VCO but with a multiplier that grab the signal and distribute it to another set of plugins.
    Is it still a “single VCO generative patch”?

  • KLAUSSUALK on said:

    Hey SkareUawe. Yes, sure it is. There’s only ONE VCO in the overall patch. I mean… imagine this patch was made on a REAL synth. How many VCO modules would you buy, to create it? One. Therefore, yes. It’s definetely a “single VCO” patch. Welcome to the club!

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