Parts — a macro micro-looper

10 (the macro part) loopers probabilistically record and play back (play once), depending on a “Density” control. The loops are randomly panned throughout the stereo field, and can be set to different pitches and reversed. After the panners, the loops passe through a reverb lite, for adding more spaciousness to the sound.

Part of my “Christopher invents patches to play music with him” series, the probabilistic nature of the loopers means that, although all loops are derived from a common clock source, they come in varying lengths, pitches and densities.

Additionally, longer loops can be retriggered (this is especially true of loops recorded at lower speed/pitches; a loop pitched down an octave is twice as long as its source), creating beds of loops, even though the loopers themselves are designed to only play once. This peculiarity allows certain themes and phrases to repeat, while others flutter quickly in and out of the sonic field.

I’ve had this patch for a couple of months, and it is one of my favorites; changes in density call allow you to build drama. Unfortunately, in certain conditions the patch clips the CPU (especially around density settings of .500); ten loopers being dynamically controlled by random modules leads to a very widely varying CPU usage. I’ve tried to ameliorate this as much as possible, and it is part of the reason I have not released this patch sooner. I’m hoping future optimization can provide enough CPU headroom to allow completely safe use of the patch (and maybe, just maybe, some high-pass filtering to take out some of the boomier bottom end).

Even with that caveat, in many settings the patch is stable, and I think, quite a lovely patch to play with and against.

The path is stereo throughout, although the panning may distort the left and right image received by the patch.



Left — tap tempo; MIDI clock is also accepted and will override tap tempo

Front page:

Down the left-hand side are five sets of controls for pitch and reverse. The loopers are paired, but aside from sharing a speed and reverse setting, they function entirely independently, recording on the basis of their own probability gate and being panned independently as well. The ganging of controls was a way of making adjusting the patch easier than having ten different sets of controls, and I think it works well as a compromise between efficiency and particularity.

The other controls on the front page are:

Density — controls the probability of a loop being recorded; for longer loops, as density increases, it also increases the likelihood of these loops being retriggered. (The patch may clip at density settings ~.500.)

Reverb — this is a macro that controls the decay and mix of the reverb lite, with the decay increasing somewhat faster than the mix control

Mix — a wet/dry mix

There is also a pixel to show the rate of the LFO that serves as clock for the probability gates.

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    Chris you’re a genius.

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