Modular Thunderstorm (Controllable, 5.1 ready)

Ever wanted to build and shape a thunderstorm? Because I did! This patch was designed for a 5.1 mix, but has been summed down to stereo. If you do have access to a 5.1 environment I’ve left everything there and labelled so it can be easily switched over :)

You will need NSYNTHI, Sonus, dBiz, LOGinstruments, Autodafe, Fundamental, Audible Instruments, ML, and Befaco packs installed for this patch.

There are labelled controls mapped to:

Rain 1: Volume (a bit like rain on an umbrella)
Rain 1: Amount
Rain 2: Volume (four different instances)
Rain 2: Amount
Wind 1: Volume (Whooshing)
Wind 2: Volume (A bit like trees rustling in the wind)
Thunder rumbles: Volume (low rumbles)
Thunder clap 1: A thunder clap which is being panned around the space.
Thunder claps 2-5: Thunder claps existing in either front left, front right, back left, or back right.

Also controls for sending each of those claps to the sub/LFE channel – for this patch if you don’t have access to 5.1, I’ve simply run anything that would be sub-only through a low pass filter.

The Bernoulli gates lumped in with the control section can also be dialed up or down to increase the chance of any of these instances of thunder being triggered. Please relax and enjoy :)

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2 comments on “Modular Thunderstorm (Controllable, 5.1 ready)
  • anthony antfactor on said:

    Nice work.

    When I was in college I made a VERY controllable thunderstorm patch using an Oberheim Xpander, DX7(?), JPX, and … JP-6 for a production of The Magic Flute. It made people jump!

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