This was really quick edit of something I downloaded from 

And updated for Organelle.

It’s worth firing up on the PC to work on your own presets as there’s a load more settings than the 4 knobs. Really easy to use patch due to the original creator’s GUI. Organelle knobs just do the octaves and a filter setting. Aux goes through presets.



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2 comments on “MiniMoog
  • monsieurtopu on said:

    hello! i love this patch and use it a lot!

    quick question. recently ive been using MIDI in and for some reason midi screws up this patch and makes it go haywire. i was wondering if you have any recommendations on how to cure this bc i can’t disconnect midi everytime i want to use this.

  • synthbeard on said:

    @monsieurtopu I ran into the same issue, I fixed the multiple input and cleaned up a little of the midi pipeline. I’m going to start rewriting the interface to give pages to each osc and edit the voice parameters, and eventually try to port it to an orac module


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