Meris Enzo preset storage on Zoia

Save Enzo (or other Meris pedals) presets along with your Zoia patches!

Page 1 of this patch contains all MIDI CCs corresponding to Enzo’s parameters . Add this page to your own Zoia patch and use the MIDI CC Out modules to configure Enzo parameters to your taste. When you load the Zoia patch again, voila! your Enzo settings will be recalled as well.

What this allows:
– Load Enzo presets automatically when you load your Zoia patch
– Number of Enzo presets is only limited by the max number of Zoia patches
– You don’t need to use alt+controls in the Enzo. All parameters are available right away from Zoia

Bonus: Page 2 of this patch includes buttons to control Enzo switches from your Zoia using UI buttons.

NOTE: set Enzo to MIDI channel 14 for this patch to work. Alternatively, change the MIDI channel in all MIDI CC Out modules in the patch.

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