Capture for ORAC is an extension of the Capture mod for Organelle that includes 2 modules :

– “Capture” is a module to record ORAC tracks/sessions, it combines a stereo compressor/limiter and a 24bit 44.1khz stereo recorder, there are no controls (yet), just start/stop recording by pressing aux. (the Thru Gain of this module needs to be set to 0% via Parallel/Serial)

– “Captures” is a stereo sampler module (based on Sampletwig/Samplenest) to play with captures made from any patch (functionnalities are almost the same as its original module), it is recommended to stop any audio/sequence while loading captures due to their sizes (it can freeze for seconds), when scanning captures with knob#1 on page#1 the selected one will be loaded 1sec after releasing the knob.

Both modules need a “captures” folder into /sdcard/media to run properly, this folder is automatically created when installing the Capture mod for Organelle, available at :

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  • State: Work In Progress
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  • Category: Utility
  • Revision: 1.3
  • License: GNU
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  • Modified: 7 hours ago
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5 comments on “Capture
  • Tony LB on said:

    Hey !
    the idea is really cool.
    Tested here and looks like the rack volume doesn’t work.
    H/P filter looks very very quiet to me and the reverb way too large
    Well done anyway, thanks !

  • electrafa on said:

    Hi! thanks to you i just learned about the differences between the Parallel & Serial modules on slots S1/S2… i’m always using Parallel so i don’t have this rack volume issue, with Serial you have to set the “thru gain” of this module to 0%.
    I’ll try to improve the filter, but i think i will remove the reverb for now…
    Thanks for the feedback! ✌︎

  • electrafa on said:

    My bad i was confused… in fact to use this module you have to turn down the thru gain to 0% either using Parallel or Serial there’s no difference, i just forgot i had saved my Init preset with that setting done with Parallel. ✌︎

  • watrshed on said:

    hey looks like files for both versions of patch have been removed. bummer!

  • ëlectrafa on said:

    i’m sorry there was a sound/compressor issue, it should be better but not perfect yet, i’m still working to improve it… thanks ✌︎

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