LatchKeys 1.0: remaps incoming keys to other keys / channels with selectable latch and inversion functionality.

This is useful for mapping out keyboard note ranges to use for controlling parameters flexibly.

Define up to 6 ranges to map using these knobs:
* OutCh, the outgoing channel / channel and Latch / channel and Invert
* OutKey, the outgoing note
* InKey, the incoming note
* NumKeys, the number of consecutive keys to map (not available on all range

To reset a mapping, turn the OutCh knob all the way to the left.
Original notes will not be passed through when a mapping occurs. All other events are forwarded.

Two ranges are missing the NumKeys knob and thus can only map a single key.
Latched key mappings toggle with note-on events.
Inverted keys send note-off when tapped and note-on when released.
The OutCh knob cycles through: simple mappings – latched – inverted, and then for each mapping type performs selection of the output channel.

DO NOTE: this script ONLY maps NOTES to other channels. It will not work as a generic channel mapping tool.

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