Kollatz 0.2

patch for Pepper.
think Turing Machine but different.
based on the Collatz Conjecture – google that one if needed.. (in short: take a number. if it’s even, divide by two. if it’s odd, triple it and add one. reiterate.)

generates pseudo-random yet repeatable sequence strings from an input voltage. does jumpy envelopes, jittery LFO’s, and gates or trigger series. 1 master output for fluctuating voltages and 7 binary outputs for envelopes, gates or triggers. more info on Bela forum soon.

warning: this one is written for Pepper rev.1.
you may need to adapt the patch to later boards, input- and outputwise.

new in version 0.2:
slew time will update instantly, instead of on every new step.

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  • Category: Sequencer Utility
  • Revision: 0.2
  • License: Custom License
    CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
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  • Modified: 48 mins ago
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