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this is a graphic tuner. right now it is pretty limited but i think the idea is sound. there is not enough cpu usage to hard-code every note name like i have been doing, so im looking for help to optimize things. the range right now is only d2-e4, and only the c major notes. also, the tuning circuit itself is pretty limited since my way of doing it makes it so that you can only see how much youre off and in what general direction on two seperate indicators, and not one like on a normal tuning pedal.

one idea is that instead of hard-wiring every note from d2-e4 (drop d range) which would be 27 notes, you would instead make a display system for the 12 chromatic notes and then another circuit to define the octaves needed, so 3-4 depending on if you want a bass range as well. what helps is that zoia’s internal cv values are evenly distributed, with every A falling on a multiple of 0.100. so a0 is 0, a5 is .500. this results in notes that are octaves apart end on the same last 3 decimals. b2 is 0.2167 and b3 is 0.3167, for example. my knowledge with computer logic is very limited, so i dont know how to implement this.

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  • Muffin on said:

    i did check out your patch, though i have some problems with it that made me make my own one. the ui is too crowded for my tastes, and i think the font of the display is difficult to read. dont take it the wrong way, it is perfectly functional and well coded, but i wanted to challenge myself by making one my own way.

  • Christopher H. M. Jacques on said:

    Yes. But it uses exactly the system you describe wanting to implement — notes and octaves are defined separately in the patch, rather than note by note, and the display provides a considerably greater range of precision in determining how far you are flat or sharp. So… I think you are missing the point I was making? Improve on the display; change the font; but if you have questions as to how to implement the design you want, those are resources at your disposal.

    I describe the mechanisms at work in the patch in this video about comparators:

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