An approximation of the Famous Max patch by Nobuyasu Sakonda circa January 1999. Orginally Ported to Pure Data by Bill Orcutt in 2004, maintained in the pd archives by shreeswifty (Patrick Pagano).

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  • Category: Sampler
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: GNU
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  • Modified: 5 years ago
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3 comments on “Grains
  • shreeswifty on said:

    aux records a new sample
    first two keyboard keys select type of granular 1 or 2 and
    3rd key resets to default sound

    have fun!

  • tchek on said:

    hello! thanks for this patch! i’d like to replace the original “chiko_aiff” sample (i don’t want to record a phrase while playing live) but i don’t understand how to do, what kind of format is “chiko_aiff” ? obviously not an aiff. thank you! greetings from france

  • darlingharbord on said:

    I second tchek. Would be cool to replace chiko. Great patch shreeswifty.

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