WARNING: I made the patch on an older firmware. And in the newer ones it seems to use up a bit too much CPU so it starts to clip. I recommend either replacing the reverb with the eco version or using just one delay instead of two.

A while ago Hainbach sent me some of his ZOIA patches. This one I liked in particular and tweaked it a bit.

Grainbach is a dual channel ambient machine including a dual delay and reverb. You can use it to either have your sound granulated (is that a word?) and sequenced live, or freeze sound with it (my preferred way of operation).

There are two granular modules played by two independent sequencers. Their outputs are faded in an out with two LFOs. This is followed by two delays and reverb. There are also two highpass filters infront of the effects to keep your mix clean.

There is a mini-tutorial (by me) of the patch in Hainbach’s ZOIA video (5:56):

And this is a track I made with it:

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  • huron on said:

    Damn, this patch is maxing out the CPU on my Zoia!

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