Grain Freeze

Grain Freeze is a manual scanning granular synthesizer/sample player based on the “really useful granulator.”

There are two pages, accessed by the Aux button. Each parameter has knob control.

The bottom row of the keys access what buffer for the granulator to use. Samples need be named as “0.wav” incrementally to “13.wav” in the root folder to be loaded.

The first C# key turns the granulator on or off.

Please see the Youtube video for a run through of features:

Source pure data patch from the “really useful plugins” website:

11 comments on “Grain Freeze
  • soxsa on said:

    Ace looking patch, looking forward to trying it thank you! I look forward to you adding record from input as promised in the vid :)

  • chryschristo on said:

    Very very nice patch!
    I only have a problem when I upload the .wavs from 04 to 13.
    Even though I can hear them alright thru the sd card they are not showing up when i try to play the patch. Instead, the samples from 0 to 3 are sawing up again in the organelle keyboard.
    Can you help?
    best regards

  • tonyjmorton on said:

    Thanks for flagging this issue up. This has now been fixed in this update.

  • chryschristo on said:

    Just tried it!
    Thanks so much!!

  • veloopity on said:

    I loaded 10 of my own samples (btw the two voice samples that come with the patch are mono and only play on one side of the stereo field – maybe you want to change that).
    For some reason, sample 4.WAV won’t play no matter what I do. Can someone confirm that?
    Also, I looked at the patch trying to find the spot in the code where max sample duration is set to 500ms. I’d make it longer but wasn’t sure where this is set

  • veloopity on said:

    ah, found the 4.WAV bug: in main.pd, on the right where soundfiles are read into the soundfiler object, 4.WAV was not connected to soundfiler like the other wav files are :)

  • veloopity on said:

    and I managed to tweak some things :)

  • felix_petrescu on said:

    maybe you can share the moded :)

  • veloopity on said:

    Felix: I just increased the values for spread, rate, and duration as they were a bit too limiting for my taste. No changes to anything else

  • tonyjmorton on said:

    Thanks to veloopity for finding a bug. This has been fixed in the new version.

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