*V.1.1 changes
-Left footswitch retriggers the last note you played
-Release shortened to 30 seconds instead of 60
-Changed output of synth to be a bit more quiet
-Extended keyboard to 40 notes
-Got rid of unused mixer

Ghost is made of a ghostverb, pitch shifter, sv filter, aliaser and reverb lite. The result is a spooky and somewhat video-gamey ambient reverb.

The front page is a ghost that is reactive to your input. This patch is mono, so the eyes are the left input and left output.

On the second page you’ll find a chromatic keyboard for the monophonic drone synth running through the same reverb as your guitar.

The third page has the modules that make up the reverb. Most of what is starred is on this page.

The last page are all of the modules that make up the mono drone synth.

This patch I’m sure could sound a lot better, so let me know if you make some recommended changes.

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  • Revision: 1.1
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  • Rob Flax on said:

    Love this! Just enough to get creative, and the drone synth sounds great. Only question: how do you turn the drone synth off once you’ve turned it on? Does it eventually fade out on it’s own? Might be nice to use some stomp switches (in performance mode) to offer more on the fly control here. (In which case I’d recommend having the right switch “do the same thing”, i.e. in performance mode have that be an effect bypass).

  • jobythedog on said:

    Glad you like it! I just have the release set to the maximum time, which is 60 seconds, and it fades out. Adding stomp switches is a great idea! It’s my second day with the ZOIA so I haven’t quite wrapped my head around stomp switches other than adding a tap tempo, but I’ll make sure to update the patch once I figure that out!

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