FUZZ (rectifier style analog octave fuzz) Octavia and Blue Box

Took me a long time to get there, but I’ve got a working fuzz that can approximate some of the octave effects of analog fuzz pedals. It’s not a 1:1 translation but there’s a solid fuzz tone, and Octavia-style octave up, and a Blue Box-stye sub octave.

Right footswitch is bypass, and will engage or disengage the fuzz.
Top row center values are:
Low cut
Mid gain
Mid freq
High cut
2nd row center values are:
Fuzz pre-gain
Fuzz pre-boost
Fuzz gain
Fuzz volume

Middle footswitch engages the octave up.
Top left value knob is octave blend
Top right value knob is octave level

Left footswitch engages the octave down.
Bottom left value is octave blend
Bottom center pushbuttons are:
Pitch Tracking
Octave 1
Octave 2
Octave 3
Aliaser base frequency is above the pushbuttons

The fuzz is gated– the yellow Sputter value can increase the gate to make it choppier, decreased if not enough signal is getting through, or rolled off completely to defeat the gate

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