Frozen Yogurt

Freezer + Reverb based on “Sustain Me”.

Aux: Freeze
Keys: Ramp Time

*It’s the first patch I do and I’m kinda new to Pd, any pointers, suggestions or errors you find let me know :)

I’d also like the Aux button to make a new freeze once freeze its already on without having to press it twice, any help is welcome.

Ilustration: Ale Faus

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  • State: Work In Progress
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  • Category: Effect
  • Revision: 1.1
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
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  • Modified: 4 days ago
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2 comments on “Frozen Yogurt
  • icaroferre on said:

    Really cool and useful patch!
    The only issue I had was that it seems that the gain parameters for the Dry and Wet signals are way too high at 100% so it’d distort both signals (at least it did when I tried to feed it some line-level signals). In my tests it seem that multiplying both parameters by 0.1 (so 10% of the original) gives a much better result.

  • Elefou on said:

    Thanks! You are right I just corrected that and added another reverb so you can have reverb on top of the freeze. Just updated it and I think it’s working fine, let me know.

    Any thoughts on how to make the Aux button make a new freeze without having to stop the previous one?

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