Frozen Soft Pad

-Original 48 pad samples can be found at:

This patch uses reverb to freeze atmospheric pad sounds. The frozen sound can then be modified and played with using the filter and lfo.


-Copy and paste samples 1-48 to folder containing main.pd
-Swap out the wav files for your own samples. In your DAW Project bounce 48 individual samples(Named 1-48). Then Copy and Paste them to this folder
-Ableton Project file used to bounce samples 1-48 can be found at:
-Patch takes around 15 seconds to load

-48 Note sampler with transpose and release
-Reverb w/ freeze
-Lowpass filter with LFO
-Pad samples from a custom Massive vst plugin patch

Page 1: Reverb/Freeze
1. Transpose
-0-33%: 1 octave down (samples 1-24)
-34-66%: same octave (samples 13-36)
-67%-100%: 1 octave up (samples 25-48)
2. Release
3. Reverb Wet Mix
4. Reverb Freeze
AUX: Changes Page

Page 2: Filter/Dirt
1. Filter Cutoff
2. Resonance
3. LFO Speed
4. Dirt
AUX: Changes Page

Bugs: If you change the transpose knob while holding down a note, when you release the note 100% of the sample length will trigger

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