Follow Me

Follow Me is an echo effect that will adaptively change its delay time on the fly to collaborate with you as you play.

The heart of the patch is the ZOIA’s built-in tape echo effect, set to tap tempo mode. What makes it interesting is that the tempo is automatically ‘tapped’ based on what you play.

Audible signal path:
The input signal is passed straight to the echo effect, and then to the pedal output. Of course, this can easily be modified for a different flavour of delay, or to add more effects to the chain. As is, it is set to stereo in/stereo out but you can use either left or right input/output on their own as well.

Control signal path:
The audio input is first processed through a gate to eliminate unnecessary subdivisions/signals, then an onset detector to generate a CV signal from the audio signal, then a clock divider which feeds this CV signal as a tap tempo signal to the delay.

You are presented with a number of UI elements on the first page of the patch:

– The top row of the grid pulses along with the clock divider subdivisions, giving an indication of delay time as it changes.

– Threshold (leftmost blue button) allows the user to adjust the threshold of the gate which will change how much of the incoming signal makes it to the clock divider, thus affecting the tempo.

– Delay 1-5 (red buttons) select subdivision presets for the clock divider, which in turn set delay time:
Delay 1 -> Incoming tempo is divided by 2
Delay 2 -> Incoming tempo is divided by 3
Delay 3 -> Incoming tempo is divided by 4
Delay 4 -> Incoming tempo is divided by 6
Delay 5 -> Incoming tempo is divided by 8

– Autopilot (cyan button) sets the patch into autopilot mode. In this mode, a random LFO chooses from the above subdivisions as it sees fit. The speed of this LFO is controllable from the first page (leftmost peach button)

– Down the right side of the grid are the main controls for the echo. From top to bottom:
Feedback (leftmost pink)
Modulation Rate (leftmost yellow)
Modulation Depth (leftmost orange)
Mix (leftmost green)

I’m listing this as a work in progress for now. The effect functions as is, but I am going to play with it some more and likely tweak a few things as it settles in. Feel free to test drive in the mean time. Enjoy!

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