4 track looper. With pan, reverb, pitch alteration and room for improvement! There’s a readme in the folder to say what it does.

I haven’t had a change to test more after doing videos which are on the blog:

Let me know if any issues!

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  • Philip Redding on said:

    Could you provide a clearer explanation of the principle functions? The videos don’t really explain the record/playback/overdub operation. Specifically, I’m having trouble with the differences between “recnextloop” and “countinrec”. I presume the numeric suffix indicates the track to be recorded. Beyond that I can’t tell if the patch is malfunctioning or I just don’t understand the workflow.

  • donnerbono on said:

    Countinrec is really for first loop with click background. You could use it though if you stop the loop and want the click for another track.

    After 1st track I’d use the RecNextLoop to record loops on other tracks.

    There isn’t an overdub – it’s just a 4 track thing. So if you have 4 tracks you’d need to wipe one if you want to record something else.

    To test it to a CountinRec on track 1 say for 2 bars. Then go to RecNextLoop for track 2 and on selecting record will record what you do on track 2 for next loop. Then wait a few loops to check it’s all working before playing with pitch, reverb, pan etc.

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