Dirty projector — when you need a projector sound

You know. Like you do. It makes a sound like a film projector. It can spin up and spin down. You can switch between two different speeds.

Maybe you want to capture the magic of going to a midnight screening of We Come in Peace (https://patchstorage.com/we-come-in-peace-the-little-green-men-are-listening/).

Mostly, I’ve been playing around a lot with patches where noise is the sole audio source, and this was a fun challenge.

And as I told Simon Provencher, it might even be useful, if you need a film projector sound for a set, and you’ve never heard of a sample.

The output is through a room reverb and a cab sim, to give the film projector a sense of space. I figured, why not add an audio input? And a vibrato, whose speed is somewhat tied to the film projector sound?

(“Why not?” is one of the main operative questions in ZOIAing.)

The patch is true stereo for incoming audio, and it outputs in stereo.



Left — spins the projector up and down

Middle — moves between speed 1 and speed 2 (the UI button between them will change color to show which speed is operative)


Vibrato depth — I keep this low; it’s a fast vibrato, so it can get “wonky” fast, but hey, the control is there if you want to get wonky fast

Speed 1 and 2 — two different speeds to choose from; speeds below .5000 will result in silence

Not related to the patch, but something to note about Patchstorage: I don’t receive any notification when someone comments on a patch. I’ve published over 100 ZOIA patches now, and I can’t monitor all of them for questions in a timely manner.

So, if you want to send appreciation, comment away! I do read them, and I do I appreciate them. If you have a question about a patch, it’s better to find me on the ZOIA FB group, or r/ZOIA, or the ZOIA discord, or via email… I’m pretty findable. (You can even send a message on Patchstorage, but I hate the PS messenger, so maybe please don’t?)

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