Deluge Controller

A utility patch built to control the Synthstrom Deluge for the SONG mode, but can probably be used as a general midi control/launchpad.

All Midi messages are sent through channel 16.

Page 1 is based on another patch called `Deluge Looper Control with Zoia` with some added functionality.
Each button sends a midi message so you need to assign them first on the deluge settings for the page 1 to work.
Stompswitches now have 3 modes which are activated by the 3 buttons in the middle of row 2.

Mode 1 assigns stompswitches to: Play, Record, Restart
Mode 2 assigns stompswitches to: Play, Layer, Loop
Mode 3 deactivates the stompswitches so you can use them for other stuff if you wish.

Page 2 is kind of like a launcher. Each column is a “track” and each row is a “clip”.
Only one clip can be active per track.
They are color coded to match the default Deluge clip color order.

The first 6 tracks/columns work as individual tracks, the 8th track/column works a section launcher, so if one clip in the 8th track is pushed, all other tracks will activate the same clip.

Remember you have to assign each clip to its corresponding one in the deluge by using the learn command.

Any questions let me know ill be glad to help and try to improve it.

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  • Revision: 1.0
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