Deep Face

Here i made a recreation of Rainger FX`s Deep Space.
It is basically a Sidechain.
Be sure to switch all the Stompswitches on by pressing the “Scroll” and “Bypass” switch at the same time for 2 seconds.
Then you can change the Input of the Sidechain from LFO (with adsr) to right Input (you can plug in a Mic or a trigger) on the “select” switch.
You can change the time of the LFO by tapping the “scroll” switch.
And the “Bypass” switch is just a bypass switch :)
To see if your Sidechain is triggered (or wich source is triggering it) i added some pixels on the first page to give you a visual representation of what the sidechain is doing.
Hope you like it !

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4 comments on “Deep Face
  • BROCKSTAR on said:

    Sorry for my ignorance but what does a sidechain or this patch actually do? Thanks.

  • Joachim on said:

    It dips your guitar/synth signal with another source kind of like a compressor :)

  • youshallnotbypass on said:

    This patch rules and actually saved me from snagging a Deep Space (sorry Rainger!!), but I’ve always wanted one. Silly question – what’s the best way to fade in the dry/”pulse” signal so you can record both the “pulse” signal and the wet signal being side chained?

  • ericeaton on said:

    Is there a way to invert the ducking so triggering the sidechain opens a gate and then the gate slowly closes?

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