Neutron Star

A unique, haunting, crushed and broken reverb based on the OBNE Dark Star.


[UPDATED to V2 – 12MAY2020]
I’ve updated the controls, given the key-modules names(!), cleaned up some routing and made some changes. Most importantly; DSP was really too close to max, so I removed 1 of the 2 pitch shifters, and placed the remaining one BEFORE the reverb (which is really much nicer). Added individual on/off stomp switches for Pitch Shifting and Bit Crusher, added nice Slew for both, and added Expression pedal functionality (see below at Controls).


The original Old Blood Noise Endeavors pedal has a very dark and ambient long reverb going into some unusual stuff like pitch shifters and a bit-crusher. This patch emulates a bit of both modes 1 and 3 of the Dark Star, but in full stereo:

The main effect here is a stereo GhostVerb module, with an optional Pitch Shifter (from -1 to +1 octave) mixed in BEFORE the reverb with the Left Stomp, and 2 Aliaser (=Sample-Rate-Reducer) modules AFTER the verb with the Right Stomp, which can give a great, broken reverb tail. There are blend controls for both Aliased and Pitch Shifted sides, and there is a pretty slow Slew Limiter for both effects, which makes it very satisfying to turn both sides On/Off, as a sort of modulation.

Mix goes 100% wet. Output is stereo.
Reverb time goes up to infinite and self-oscillation.
Original built with firmware V1.0, but updated the V2 to firmware 1.10.
CPU load = around 100%.

Contains all the main controls (see below).

Input/Output and an Audio Balance to mix in wet signal.
Ghostverb is here too, the heart of this patch.
Think the CV Expression part is here too. I’ve calibrated it to my own pedal, but it basically just goes into a Value module with a slightly increased connection strength, so that “Toe down” actually reaches 1.000 (and not just 0.9665 or something). Using Exp doesn’t require adjustments but it works sort-off in reverse (Heel Down = action), this is so that when it’s not plugged in, all controls still work.

Pitch Shifter, 2 Aliasers (L and R) and a bunch of stuff to make the controls work nicely.


All controls are CV Values (Red) on PAGE0:

BAL WET-DRY (Balance between dry/wet, goes fully wet for extraterrestrial ambience)
VERB DECAY (Ghostverb decay time)
VERB RATE (Ghostverb modulation rate)
PITCH (Pitch between -1 and +1 octave)
PITCH MIX (Balance between clean/shifted signal going into reverb)
SAMPLE RATE (Amount of sample rate reduction; higher = more crushed)
SRR MIX (Balance between clean/crushed reverb tail)

Not on screen; Ghostverb Resonance (Feel free to adjust, but this really doesn’t like to be turned/modulated, so better to set and forget)

STOMP LEFT = Activates Pitch Shifter, with a nice slew. Always returns to 0 (= center pitch) when deactivated.
STOMP RIGHT = Activates Bit Crusher, with a nice slew. Always returns to 0 (= no bit crushing) when deactivated.
STOMP MIDDLE = Activates/Bypasses whole effect.
Only cuts Input, so there are tails!

No more changes coming, this was nice, but on to more unique patches and ideas now!

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  • [WZ] on said:

    For those following this: it’s updated!
    This one changed quite a bit (see description for changes), but at least the controls are now named and it works with Expression Pedal! Also made some quick demos. Enjoy!

    Picture manual attached!

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