Neutron Star

An highly-unique, haunting, crushed and broken reverb!
Based on the OBNE Dark Star.


The original Old Blood Noise Endeavors pedal has a very dark and ambient long reverb going into some unusual stuff like pitch shifters and a bit-crusher. This patch emulates modes 1 and 3 of the Dark Star, but in full stereo:

Mode 1 has a stereo GhostVerb module going into 2 pitch shifters, both ranging from 1 oct down to 1 oct up. One is panned left, one panned right.

Mode 2 has 1 pitch shifter after the reverb, then goes into an Aliaser (which is a sort-of sample-rate-reducer). The Aliased sound and the clean Pitch Shifted sound are blended at the output. Output is stereo, but due to CPU limits there’s only 1 Aliaser shared between L+R output.

Mix goes 100% wet, and dry signal passes through in full stereo.
Reverb time goes up to infinite and self-oscillation.
CPU load = around 100%. Built with Firmware V1.0
Patch is inspired by John B. from ZOIA facebook group, and uploaded by request (have fun Brock!) but it’s not fully finished, plenty of room for improvement!





Patch not finished yet, so controls are not summarized on PAGE0 yet.
There’s a bunch of RED value modules scattered around that act as knobs (MIX + REVERB on first page, CTRL1 + CTRL2 on the second page), and a (also red?) PUSHBUTTON module that switches between modes 1 and 2.

MIX (Balance between wet and dry output in %, goes fully wet for extraterrestrial ambience)
REVERB (Length of reverb tails + feeback, goes up to self-oscillation)
CTRL1 (Sets pitch shifter 1 in both modes)
CTRL2 (Sets pitch shifter 2 in mode 1, or rate [in Hz] of sample-reduction in mode 2)

PUSHBUTTON = switches between modes 1 and 2.

The sound itself is really close(!), but the controls need some value tweaking for usability.
I might add the FREEZE mode (where it infinitely sustains, but doesn’t add new notes to the reverb) and I’m gonna try adding a Slew Limiter to CTRL1 and CTRL2, so it sweeps rather than ‘steps’.
I still need to assign STOMP SWITCHES to stuff like mode switching (and maybe FREEZE).
The EXPRESSION pedal isn’t assigned yet either, might be nice to have as well.

Enjoy! And feel free to comment or suggest improvements!

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