Plays/loops small portions of a sound file, with controllable start/end points, speed, and a delay effect. Playable on keyboard or as a drone.
Based on the ‘wave stealer’ patch from this site:
You won’t be playing any piano covers with this, it’s definitely made for sonic fun, creating texture, or maybe build up/break downs in songs.
Knob 1: Speed of the looped portion
Knob 2: Start Point
Knob 3: End Point
Knob 4: Randomize Knobs 1,2 and 3
Aux: Load a wave file (1.wav to 8.wav, put in same folder)
Keyboard; Once you find a good loop with the knobs, play the keys to trigger chunks of the sound. (Not 100% accurate)

-You can use large wave files (even full songs) to get a wide variety of source material.
-Knob 4 will re-trigger the sound even if you are not playing the keyboard
-When you are not pressing any keys, knobs 2 and 3 control a delay effect (time/feedback)

Other credits:
The delay effect and Bob filter are slightly modified versions of the Critter & Guittari ones (LICENSE.txt included for this)
Vibe effect is a slightly modified version of

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4 comments on “CruelWave
  • Tristan Heau on said:

    Many thanks for this new Patch ! Very interesting results depending on which samples is in.

  • Dave Majerus on said:

    Hey! This is exactly what I was looking to do, but with a record footswitch option for each wav file. Do you know an easy way of doing this? This is a little over my head in PD.

  • Blavatsky on said:

    Hi Dave – I know there are sampler patches for the organelle that do this (record and drop in folder)…if I have some time I might try to figure that out; I still have a lot to learn in PD :)

  • Jose Espresso on said:

    Hello! I loaded the .wav samples, but no sound is playing. Any tips for this?

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