An LFO driven multi sequencer with MIDI note or beat triggers.

Master sequencer or MIDI notes trigger the 16 sub sequences.
As an LFO passes each sixteenth of the full MIDI range of 128, the corresponding step of the sub sequence is triggered. LFOs can be internal or external.

Latch pads turn gates on and off.

MIDI Channel, Base note and base velocity for each step of the master sequencer.
Modifiers to base note and base velocity for each step on each sub sequencer.



Toggles between pads (gates) panel and knobs (MIDI values) panel. Reveals multiple parameter options.

*Shift Hold
Shift hold on the master sequencer pad panel and select steps. On shift release select a sub sequence to assign to those steps.
MIDI note triggers aren’t affected by this.

*Shift Release
Toggle between Master and Subs.


Number of steps in the master sequence.
Each step division of the master sequencer. 4 Bars to 1/4 note.

Inc (Sync)
*Increment (Inc)
Default behaviour, double tap to return.
*Hold Forget
Hold current step, continue from held step. (Stops the background counter).
*Hold Return
Hold current step, jump to where the step would have been.
Fresh restart on new bar. Turn knob full clockwise.

Manual Trigger Parameters

*No Reset (default)
Internal LFOs always track the clock.
*Trigger Reset To Zero
On internal LFO, always start a sub sequence from the beginning.

External LFOs do their own thing.

*Trigger Note
MIDI notes trigger sub sequences starting from this note.


Scroll sub sequences
MIDI notes also switch between sub sequences.

*LFO Source
Internal (default)
External on CC #


In this beta version the internal LFOs are ramps locked to the master clock division and behave exactly like a standard tempo locked sequencer. In future developments the flexibility of using LFOs will be further explored. Hopefully this architecture will also allow the possibility of playing multiple sub sequences simultaneously, each with it own independent shape and timing.

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