Nintey Seven H90 Boomer Toanz (Revised 2-15-24)

This list of 97 (stereo insert mode) H90 programs is roughly organized as follows: .

1 – 4 Blackface EQ (no amp sim)
5 – 12 SP2016 Rooms
12 – 15 Slaps
15 – 16 Compressors
17 – 29 Alt-Instruments
30 – 32 Reverse Delays
33 – 36 Wahs
37 – 44 Drives
45 – 68 Delays
69 – 83 Reverbs
84 – 87 80s Schmozone Tone
88 – 93 Pan/Trem
94 – 99 Other
… Modulation Throughout

This 2024 updated list supersedes my prior master list and just about every program has been improved.

While some are more ambitious, many of these programs are simple, bread and butter boomer toanz. Quite a few offer enough options to get through typical a boomer song without leaving the program (a clean sound with a touch of reverb, a boost, a delay, etc.). Others offer 3 or 4 variations on a single theme. And, of course, you can always bypass one of the program presets; sometimes less is more.

The first four programs are EQ’d to allow a guitar to run straight through an H90 to a DAW, a mixing board, or a pair of headphones without an amp or an amp sim. This might be good for practice and/or a backup.

Yes, the H90 will drive headphones with a guitar alone if you turn the P Out Gain Hotknob to +12dB. So I always set that as the first/left-most hotknob where it is always within reach.

My signal chain is often a UAFX amp sim as a stereo insert, and a pair of headphones after my H90. When I use overdrive, it’s often coming from one of the amp sims. Naturally, some of these programs may sound bad if you use another amp sim or no amp sim at all. Please expect to adjust to taste.


Most programs were created using the middle toggle position of a Les Paul. FAKE BASS, Clean LESLIE and a few other programs may sound better using a bass pickup. Drives always use a bridge pickup. Still, YMMV.

These programs use the hotswitches, an expression pedal, and aux switches #4, #5, and #6. Aux #4 is always a 5dB boost. Aux #5 and Aux #6 could be anything, but are always described in the developer notes. My expression pedal is globally linked to P Hotknob. So the P Hotknob functionality is intended to be expression pedal functionality.

I’ve learned from and incorporated material from innumerable gearheads to build/compile this list. Grateful attribution is provided where possible.

And, many thanks to the geniuses at Eventide. The H90 is an absurdly rich resource and powerful tool.

10 comments on “Nintey Seven H90 Boomer Toanz (Revised 2-15-24)
  • rck on said:

    I have already discovered some real gems in this list and I haven’t made it through but a portion of the Programs. I’m having a ball playing with the Resonator Algo based ones currently. Thanks for taking the time and effort to share all these creations!

  • estafano on said:

    Sorry for a stupid question, but is it possible to download this as a playlist if I’m using dual mode?

  • apalazzolo on said:


    That’s a really important question. Unfortunately, the answer is no. That’s why people usually specify whether the programs listed were designed for insert or dual mode.

    What you CAN do is this:

    1. Remove the dual mode connections to your H90, change the software settings in your H90 to insert mode, and connect your H90 in insert mode. Please see manual for details.

    2. Download this list and try the programs.

    3. For each program you like, save the presets that make up the program.

    4. Remove the insert mode connections to your H90, change the software settings back to dual mode, and reconnect your H90 in dual mode. Please see manual for details.

    5. Manually reassemble each program you liked using the presets that you saved.

    That may sound like a lot of work, but I assure you that creating this list from scratch was more.

    Good luck!

  • estafano on said:

    Thanks a lot for your reply, I’ll try it out!

  • baccetti on said:

    Hi, one question. I know how to insert .pgm90 into my H90, but I have no idea how to insert .lst90.. Can you help me? Thank you,B

  • apalazzolo on said:

    @baccetti … there is an “import list” icon on the bottom left of the edit screen of the control app. It’s pretty easy. Good luck.

  • baccetti on said:

    @apalazzolo Thank you, sir. Keep up the good work.

  • rjt108 on said:

    Hi, Is there a reason I’m getting no sound from most of these programs? Thank you : )

  • apalazzolo on said:

    It is likely that you are not using an insert. Please check developer notes regarding routing settings and adjust to your set up. Thanks.

  • rjt108 on said:

    That was it with the inserts needing to be switched off thanks. Appreciate learning this and appreciation for the excellent sounds in this list.

    For those of you who may have made the same error as me, on your H90 press the Routing button under System, then press or turn the middle knob to turn off the insert. Sounds come through perfectly then.

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