bly’s pentagrammaphone

hey all! this is my second patch. it’s a pentatonic chord generator: a fun tool for generation/composition and even just listening to!

as with “bly’s stuttutterer”, the coding is janky, but it allsounds good to me! the only thing that isn’t working quite right is the hi-pass filter, which clicks when changing the cutoff. if anyone has a solution, i would love to learn, and i can post a revision! :D

also, my new psychedelic pop record “dizzy giant” is coming out july 23rd. i’d love it if you went and checked it out!

love everlasting and unconditional,
<3 bly

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  • metakephoto on said:

    Magical…thanks for posting this patch.

    Page 1) GENERAL
    1. drone
    2. octave
    3. glide
    4. trem

    Page 2) CHORD
    1. rate
    2. wav (4 different to choose from)
    3. scatter
    4. quantity

    Page 3) FILTER
    1. lopass
    2. hipass
    3. clip
    4. empty <— Reverb would be a great addition here :)

    Page 4) bly's secret message

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