Bleeps — an example generative patch

From the tutorial linked below. This is hardly a completed patch, more of a sketch I developed over the course of the video tutorial on using randomness and probability in generative patches.

Right now, it’s a pretty bare patch, just an oscillator and VCA controlled by random and probabilistic elements: random notes on a C# harmonic minor scale probabilistically selected, random selection between four different clock/step speeds, randomized attack on the ADSR, randomized swing (duty cycle) on the LFO that serves as the clock (resulting in shifting gate lengths), and probabilistically introduced arpeggios.

But I’m going to continue to work on the sketch and release a completed patch later in the week, building from the foundation shared here, so you might compare the two and see how I’ve continued to develop the idea.

For more information about how the sketch was developed, check out the tutorial.

There is a pushbutton in the bottom left corner of the first page that mutes the patch.

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  • Revision: 1.0
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