Basement Dweller

A patch intended to sound somewhat like the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dweller, a phaser with delays between each phase stage. I don’t own a Dweller, so this is sort of an impression on hearing it and reading about it. It’s stuck at 8 stages, since I didn’t find an interesting sound at 4 stages, though that may have been a patching issue. Feedback welcome!


Bottom left has three main controls, delay time (per stage! so x8 in total), phase amount, and phase rate. Next to phase rate is the phase LFO depth, which you’re free to play with but where it is works well for the sine.

Next to the delay time is a switch to choose between sine LFO and a random LFO. I don’t love the random sound (you need to CRANK phase amt and phase rate to even hear it) and am thinking about feeding it through a slew limiter to create more of a “wave” shape rather than the immediate jumps.

Top right in red has an audio balance to mix between wet and dry.

bottom right has a regen VCA, which is usually set to -Inf. Having a hard time dialing in how much regen to use at what delay settings. High delay with about -7 db regen has produced some very interesting repeats. Oscillates VERY easily, so watch out.

The next pages, labeled One -> Eight are each a phase stage. The phase stages each have an audio input buffer, which points to both an all pass filter and a delay. The all pass feeds into a VCA then goes to the delay, creating a phase stage by summing with the input. The delay points to an output buffer which connects to the next stage.

Each all pass filter is affected by the final page, a switch between either a sine LFO or a random LFO. Those are fed into a multiplier to bring the range down using the controls on the first page.

Improvements To Be Made

Replace the random LFO with a random module since I prefer the wider range to match the sine LFO.

Add a four-stage / eight-stage selector, for completeness

Figure out why the random modulation on the dweller sounds so good and mine sounds less pleasant.

Ramp the phase amt based on delay and phase rate, it really matters where all three are at any time to get better sound.

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