856 MIDI map/controller

Full MIDI map for the Montreal Assembly 856 for Zellersasn, straight from the documentation. All MIDI cc messages output on channel 2**, except for the preset storage function (I did this to avoid frustration of saving over presets.. this is on channel 1.. feel free to change the 3 red modules on page 6 “store-led”).

General notes:
All red modules are CC messages with pushbutton (yellow) access. 856 will respond to pushbuttons immediately. All white modules are value controls, which influence the CC message to its left. Currently, the left stompswitch affects tap tempo into an LFO, which drives the lightshow sequence on page 1.

Page 0 “meanmedianmoge”
“Lite Brite” lightshow, powered by sequencer, LFO, and random CV modules on page 6.

Page 1 “rec-pre-ply-fdb”
Record mode FREE/R=B/AREC
Preset recall 1/2/3
Record enable/disable
Play start/stop
Feedback state on/off

Top right magentas are I/O modules. Aquas are stompswitch L/C/R. Greens are Cport in/out.

Blues are Gain control for each 856 noteset (stack downward).

Page 2 “tmp-ofs-pos-str”
Blues are global tempo adjustment (from left-right/top-bottom: coarse, fine, scale, nudge).
Greens are Offset, Position, and Stride.
Red/yellow pairs are to activate stride state in each noteset.
N1/2/3 stack downward for all except Blue.

Page 3 “pitch”
Blue = N1. Green = N2. Magenta = N3. From left-right, value modules affect +/- octave and fine adjustment (+/-100c). P1/2/3 stack downwardsfor N2/3. N1 is anomaly, as you can only affect one pitch.

Page 4 “env-len-fade”
Aqua is Envelope. Green is Length. Magenta is Fade. N1/2/3 stack downward.

Page 5 ” del-rep-skp-swn”
Blue is Delta in Free. Green is Tmpo/Rep. Aqua is Delta in Skip. Magenta is Swing. N1/2/3 stack downward.

Page 6 “store-led”
Red/yellow pairs store preset in position 1/2/3. Reminder that the CC messages are on channel 1. Switch to 2 if you want this to actually work.

White is a Multiplier, taking output from the sequencer and sample & hold. LFO drives sequencer gate and is tap-tempo controlled by left stomp.

Page 7 “flexiswitch”
Unused in patch, but see the “Stompswitch” section here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bDqMHjLc4GCYtf2yGNHgjkDqQJ6zrRVuCZohJdKkWWc/edit#heading=h.q5vs239544xz for details.

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