3×3 Looper

I picked up my Zoia a few days ago and am loving it! Here is a looper patch I made (who doesn’t love an extra looper?)

It’s 3 independent loopers (that can feedback into each other) with the rates of recording/reset and playback being controllable, making for some interesting patterns. The 3rd looper also has some pitch modulation (with the rate of this being controllable).

There are three different ‘preset’ patterns for the loopers which makes for some fun.

Stomp Switches

Left: Resets all loopers
Middle: Tap Tempo
Right: Introduces feedback to loopers

Expression input: Reverb mix level

Front Page:
The front page features the loopers (I figured they deserved to be here) as well as the main controls (on the top and bottom rows).

Top Row:
Mainly indicators for stomp switches, reverb level, as well as pushbuttons that control aspects of all loopers.
A more interesting control changes the speed that the octaves modulate in Looper 3.

Bottom Row:
Dry audio on/off switch, Pushbutton that toggles between the looper ‘presets’, Indicator for different ‘presets’, Looper master on/off switch, Master volume

These are controlled on the bottom row and control the rates of the loopers

1 – More mellow and melodic, 2 – More glitchy, rhythmic, granular-like but nice with some extra reverb, 3 – A bit of extra glitch and rhythm

Toggling through these creates a bit more interest! I made these by changing the connection strength to the ratios of the clock dividers on the seperate looper pages, so these can be changed by changing these (I would love to know another way to do this).

The CPU runs pretty hot, especially if the tap tempo is pretty fast (especially on preset 2 and 3), but I like using it a bit slower anyway so have had no dramas there.

I hope you enjoy!

Here’s a little sample with the Zoia and a Minilogue

65 PM
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