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version 1.2 okay I’m happier with the envelopes it’s made some of the noises less bell-like. I’m still getting my head round abstractions and I haven’t yet fathomed why the display doesn’t update when I turn the knobs – hopefully someone will point me in the right direction ;-) I suspect I haven’t set up my variables right

version 1.1 Not enough changed for me to bother uploading it

version 1.0
This is my second attempt to get something going on my Organelle using Automationism. It’s a deliberately noisey cross modulated affair In time I hope to pick apart what I’ve made here and get my teeth in to Pd.

Things I’d like to add:
display info
filter options
octave selection

Revision: 1.2
License: WTFPL
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  1. Jezne Durutti on said:

    ps I am in no way affiliated with 65 AK KUQ eZI (which might or might not be an Albanian political party)

  2. Jezne Durutti on said:

    my comment above relates to a poster which was included in the photo above – after finding out that 65 AK was a Nationalist party in Albania I uploaded another cropped image as I no way wish to be associated with any kind of Nationalism.

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